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  • Huge commissions: You'll generate $400.00 per sale on a $997.00 product that is sold via an evergreen webinar! 
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  • One of the highest converting webinars on Earth!
  • Incredible content: After 1 full year of development with over 200 training videos, tools, free bonus courses, powerful community, and amazing phone support, done-for-you support AND 24/7 support, you know your customers are well taken care of!
Create Your Special Affiliate Link
To Begin Promoting "TCL" ! 
Once you're signed up with Clickbank, add your Clickbank ID to the link below.

Once you do, copy and share that link with your tribe, following, friends, etc!

You will be directly promoting the evergreen version of our Commission League course. Every sale that happens gets directly credited to you! Each sale of The Commission League is up to $400 in your pocket!
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Do you have an email list, YouTube following or tribe that you would like to share The Commission League to?

If so, then we suggest using our proven email swipes to promote our Evergreen webinar!
Click the button below to access the Google doc with all of the emails ready for you to use! 
Need To Checkout A Webinar Replay? Click HERE.
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When reaching out put "[AFFILIATE]" in the subject line.

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